Rolando Gori, composer for film, television, web and live performance

Rolando Gori


Victor Verhaeghe


He got the humor, the pace, the tone and added his own spin on the music to help me tell my story. I think one of the main reasons this film is so well received is due to the musical composition of Rolando Gori.

Brian Hugh O'Neill

Musician, Actor and Playwright

Rolando's scoring achieves that rare trifecta of balance form and energy. He is as skilled with smaller moments as he is with big, bold action, and never fails to create a unique, unexpected and vibrant soundscape.

He also produced my first solo album, Free World, with such a masterful ear that and light touch, and I couldn't be happier with the result. His contributions to the vocal and instrumental arrangements, compositional ideas and, perhaps most especially, his knowing when to say "enough", helped to make our time in the studio the most satisfying recording experience of my life.

Roy T. Anderson

Producer/Documentary Filmmaker

Rolando's unique skills in music composition elevated the project to another level which I did not think was possible.

Monica Hoyt

Theatre Director

Not only does Rolando deliver a polished piece of music with the nuances I’ve requested, but he contributes his ideas to the entire project. He consistently delivers the highest level of musicianship.

Michael K. White & Dianna Starrk


Rolando's music is delightful and deeply, knowingly integrated into the pieces. He is the kind of collaborator who doesn't waste time telling you what he can't do. He shows you what he CAN do. And it's always spot on and perfect.

Spencer Chandler

Musician, Actor and Producer

Chase Bank's slogan used to be "The right relationship is everything" and they're correct. Working with Rolando as a producer has been a joy — and the most catalytic choice I've ever made with my music.

What started as a cautious, exploratory move on my part — to arrange and record a few songs I had written to sing for my baby — quickly became a more serious, committed endeavor. The transformation of a few simple melodies and funny words into professional songs was made possible by working closely and consistently with Rolando. And with the wonderful bonus of Heidi's vocal talents nearby, we were able to cover all the needs of several songs in different genres.

Not only is Rolando an insightful and versatile musician, composer, and arranger, he is also deeply reliable, hardworking, funny and fun to be with, and very supportive. After my exploratory phase concluded, I committed to an hour and a half weekly session with Rolando for the better part of the year, producing several more songs, and recently increased my time to two three-hour sessions per week. I am now half-way through a full album of country-western songs for kids, and looking forward to future projects.

Mark Cabaroy

Film Director, Producer and Owner of iMark Films

Working with Rolando Gori has offered me one delightful surprise after another. He is the consummate professional and extremely talented. His work in music is only surpassed by his skill in audio post production and mixing and I know whatever project I approach him with he will bring a creative and positive solution to whatever challenges it presents.

Paul Pillitteri

Chief Administrative Officer, The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (The Emmys)

Rolando Gori is what every musician needs: a producer who allows the artist total freedom in a creative, supportive and safe environment; works tirelessly to capture the heart and soul of each recording; and performs the role of sage, opening up a cornucopia of possibilities that lead to a great collaboration and great music!

Abigail Lumsden and Les Horan

Composers, Musicians and Teachers of Piano and Voice

Rolando Gori has collaborated with us on several diverse multi-media projects. We have found him to be supportive, patient, creative, and full of warm spiritual energy. His expertise produced results more beautiful than anything we could have wished for and they continue to help bring many wonderful students and audiences into our lives. We are very grateful to Rolando!

Kathryn Bild

Singer, Songwriter and Author

Rolando Gori is a wonder. Not only is he a gifted composer, he can play nearly every instrument there is. As a producer, he is able to highlight the best in his clients' talents, while patiently helping them where they are weaker. (For me, that was technology, another strong suit of Rolando's — he is also a brilliant engineer.) And he is dependable and professional. But most of all, he cares. And he isn't afraid to argue his point when necessary to make sure that, together, you achieve the best product!

Caryn O'Sullivan

Singer, Songwriter and Founder of Appetites for Life, LLC

I've been a songwriter for years, but the songs were just collecting dust on the shelf. When I decided to put together an album, I wanted to work with someone who has expertise in song writing, composition and producing to take my music to the next level. Rolando listens to what I want, understands my music, and in producing, maintains the integrity of the music, while giving it a fresh new sound. Additionally, he truly believes in my music and encourages an original and independent sound.

Michelle Fix

Lyricist and Writer

I was first introduced to Rolando Gori's artistic and creative talent when my writing partner, Rachel, and I asked him to compose the music for a musical we had written. He took our lyrics and literally raised them up to new heights with his musical prowess. I was blown away by his interpretation of our lyrics into a musical number that resonated emotion via a story-telling arc. He was quick, efficient, professional, and contributed to the project with his diplomatic, yet firm point-of-view, which I very much appreciated.

Tracy Sallows

Actress, Composer and Singer

I've always had very positive experiences working with Rolando Gori. The first time I contacted him, he made room in his busy schedule to accommodate a three day deadline that I had been presented with by a theatre. He's easygoing, yet he worked fast and had some great ideas for changing final chords to a song ending that I hadn't been happy with until then. I have been very pleased with the quality of the recordings I have gotten from Rolando Gori's studio.

Tony Giordano


As an amateur singer I was introduced to Rolando Gori when I decided that I wanted to create a CD of love songs for my wife's birthday. On first meeting Rolando I was impressed by is welcoming manner and his warm personality. I had a number of songs that I recorded elsewhere, but the quality was not up to the standard that I wanted for the CD. His state of the art equipment made all the difference in the quality of the final product. His knowledge of sound and what is needed for improvement is exceptional. Because the CD was intended for a specific date, Rolando worked hard to meet the deadline I needed. Actually we had the CD a bit earlier than he promised. As a result of his creativity, his helpful suggestions, his artistic and technical ability, the final product was greatly enhanced. I look forward to working on many projects with him in the future.

Steve Sieck

Songwriter, Pianist and Singer

Working with Rolando to demo my songs has been a very positive experience. He brings to the role of producer a great combination of technical skill, musical knowledge and judgment, professionalism and an easy-going temperament. I'm looking to more collaborations with him in the future.