Rolando Gori film and multimedia composer


Rolando Gori is a multinational composer, songwriter and producer living in New York City. Born in Italy, he studied classical piano at the Conservatory of Music in Toronto, and received his BFA in Composition & Theory with honors at Concordia University in Montreal. His music has been commissioned and performed in conjunction with plays, chamber ensembles and dance companies in the US, Canada, and Europe. More recently, he has been involved in scoring for film, writing music for plays, and producing individual songwriters at MUSA212, his project studio in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan.

Rolando's music catalogue can be found on and his music for video work on

Air France commercial

Gentle, flowing music written for the elegant, graceful pas-de-deux choreographed for an Air France commercial.

Rip Van Leroy

An orchestral fantasy written for a short film following a man who woke from a sleep of many years' time.

Of Crowns and Blood

Ideal as music for an epic, fantasy, kings-and-battles, etc. kind of movie trailer.

Theme tune

Written as a spec theme tune for a TV sport's show.


Cue written for Piazza Petawawa, a film by Rino Noto about Italian Canadians interned in Canadian concentration camps during World War II. Performed by Heidi Siegell.

Next Level

A fun, super-charged dance piece. Enjoy!